06/10/2010 05:07 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Verna Oller, Secret Millionaire, Leaves $4.5 Million Fortune To Hometown Of Long Beach, Washington

Verna Oller was "feisty" and "frugal," according to ABC News. Frugal to the point where she never even went to a hairdresser. These methods and shrewd investments earned her millions of dollars by the time she died at age 98.

From ABC News:

The sturdy old lady with no formal education amassed a not-so-small fortune: $4.5 million. It was up over $5 million before the recession. Before she died, she directed Guy Glenn to spend every cent of it, but not on her, on her home town.

The town of Long Beach, Washington, will receive its very first swimming pool. Money will also be set aside for scholarships for students and grants for teachers.

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