James Carville Goes Off On Fareed Zakaria: 'I Wanted To Hit Him With A Football Bat' (VIDEO)

James Carville went off on his CNN colleague Fareed Zakaria for his commentary that President Obama is worrying too much about the oil spill.

"When I read that I wanted to hit him with a football bat, OK?" Carville told John King.

Zakaria argued that Obama has been distracted by the oil spill and has shelved international concerns to worry about the domestic crisis:

"This guy, there's some kind of a breakdown here, because this is a very smart man," Carville continued saying of Zakaria. "And I don't think that he understands exactly what is going on down here. I don't think he understands that an entire culture is at risk, an entire way of life that there is an invasion going here and he is whining about the fact that the president had to cancel a trip to Indonesia to do something about what's going on in Louisiana."

"If that thing was in Long Island sound, I guarantee you Fareed Zakaria and all his friends would be going nuts out there," he added.


Carville continued (from CNN transcript via):

Look, Indonesia's an important country and we've got to deal with it, but last time I checked Louisiana is part here and we want our own shrimp. We don't want to eat Indonesian shrimp. I mean you know and I just think people like that are -- live in a world -- if that thing was in Long Island Sound, I guarantee you Fareed Zakaria and all his friends would be going nuts out there. So my point is, is Fareed, come down here, I will show you the multicultural tapestry that is the coastal people of Louisiana. You talking about somebody -- you're talking about Croatians; you are talking about Filipinos, Vietnamese, French. You are talking about all kinds of different people (INAUDIBLE) people from the Canary Islands. This is a wonderful, beautiful culture down here that is under assault. And the idea that somehow or another we are demanding too much of the president's time (INAUDIBLE) I just think that that -- it is a shame that he doesn't understand what's going on here. He doesn't understand the issues of coastal loss that we have had here that we are losing land (INAUDIBLE) Manhattan and I think a lot of these people just want us to take our oil, take our resources and for us to shut up and we are not shutting up this time.