06/11/2010 09:38 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The WORST Corporate Rebrandings Of The Last Decade (PHOTOS)

General Motors may have backed off a "poorly worded" memo demanding employees call Chevy by its more refined name, Chevrolet, but the company's marketing ploy likely caused some damage to its brand.

Brazen corporate rebranding or name changes during crisis often elicits ridicule, mocking, fury. But sometimes corporate rebranding is appropriate (like when Jerry's Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web was re-named Yahoo). More often than not, it infuriates or confuses its loyal customers. Especially if they don't understand why.

Chevy -- sorry, Chevrolet -- definitely isn't the first big company who has tried to lift sales or gloss of a scandal with a superficial name change. Whether its becoming gender-neutral or, in one bank's case, a woman, check out some of the WORST corporate rebrandings of the last decade.