06/14/2010 11:45 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

World Cup Buzzing Noise: Sound Of Vuvuzela Fills Stadiums (POLL)

If you've watched any matches of World Cup 2010, you've surely heard it: an ongoing buzzing noise filling the stadium.

What is that buzzing sound? It's the vuvuzelas, stadium horns first made famous in Mexico that South Africa has embraced since the 1990's.

Many fans, broadcasters and even players have complained about the sound since the tournament began. The vuvuzelas have been called annoying, disruptive and some say they've even affected play.

Besides the complaints, there are concerns they can result in hearing loss, and word is they can trumpet up to 127 decibels.

There were rumors that the vuvuzelas could be banned, but World Cup officials said today that those rumors are not true.

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