06/15/2010 12:05 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Stephen Colbert Author Interview: Stephen Prothero On The 8 Religions That Rule The World And Why Their Differences Matter (VIDEO)

Stephen Prothero, Boston University professor and author of the new book "God Is Not One," spoke to Stephen Colbert last night about his book and why the eight religions that run the world have a lot of important differences that we shouldn't overlook as much as we do. "I wrote the book because religions are horribly misunderstood," he said. "We have these atheists that are saying that all the religions are the same and bad, and we have these multiculturalists that are saying that all the religions are the same and good." Prothero sets out to illuminate the differences in his book, because, he said, "religions are not different paths going up the same mountain" -- they have different goals and different concerns.

Prothero was careful not to show any personal prejudices in the interview, even when Colbert tried to get him to say which religion was best. When pressed, though, he did say that he believes that Islam is "winning" out of all the religions. "Christianity is losing market share," he said. Colbert responded: "Jesus loves to run up the odds."


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