06/17/2010 12:48 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jeff Greene: Florida Senate Candidate 'Can't Remember' If He Voted For Reagan In 1980 (VIDEO)

Billionaire candidate Jeff Greene, who's facing-off against Rep. Kendrick Meek in Florida's Democratic primary race for Senate, doesn't remember if he voted for Ronald Reagan or Jimmy Carter in the 1980 presidential election.

Greene exposed his memory lapse in an appearance on Hardball with Chris Matthews Wednesday. "I can't remember in 1980 who I voted for, I wish I could tell you," Green said when the MSNBC host asked him who he supported in the election.

Matthews pushed back at the Senate hopeful: "You can't remember whether you voted for Ronald Reagan or not?" Greene then double-downed on his response: "I can't remember when I voted in 1980, cause I just moved to California from Massachusetts and I had just gotten out of Harvard Business School... I can't remember who I voted for."

The twist in the exchange that went down is that Greene made an unsuccessful bid for Congress as a Republican in California in 1982. Some have said the Florida Democrat's loose party affiliation could be an issue for voters.

"I don't think I know anybody that doesn't know whether they voted for Reagan or not," said Matthews, continuing to Push Green for a response. "That was one of the most powerful nominations ever when he ran for president against Jimmy Carter, he really had a strong view."

WATCH: Jeff Greene: I Can't Remember In 1980 Who I Voted For'