06/17/2010 01:09 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Upright Citizens Brigade Hosts Sarah Jessica Parker Celebrity Funeral

Last night at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre on West 26th street, throngs of young New Yorkers came out to reflect on the life--and mock the death--of a New York icon, the one and only, Ms. Sarah Jessica Parker.

Celebrity Funeral: Sarah Jessica Parker, created by UCB veteran Mamrie Hart, included everything that a faux memorial for America's sweetheart should--star studded eulogies, acerbic roasting, wicked 80's dance numbers, and grown men in diapers.

Hart, who hosted her first Celebrity Funeral at UCB for Matthew McConaughey back in March, created the event as a "new vehicle to roast anyone I want while they're still alive." Why Parker? "She's a good celebrity to be either obsessed or annoyed with... I wanted the show to be a half-half combo of praise and cutting into her." Her and the cast's admiration for SJP was palpable; only people well acquainted with Sarah Jessica could cut this deeply.

To build the show, UCB performers pitched sketches to Hart, who then selected her favorites and organized the ceremony as she saw fit. Hart hadn't seen any of the completed eulogies until they hit the stage, but she seemed quite pleased with the final product, as was the audience.

The list of impersonators included: Mario Cantone reading the Kaddish ("Sarah wasn't Jewish, but her nose was."), Colonel Glen (the overbearing father from Girls Just Want to Have Fun), a drunk Chelsea Handler ("Here's to Sarah. The epitome of a single woman looking for drinks and d**ks."), a desperate DVD peddling Hugh Grant, Sarah Jessica's podiatrist Dr. Hilda Kaufman, a Footloose era Kevin Bacon, Sarah Jessica's nanny and two kids (the aforementioned grown men in diapers), and fashion designer Patricia fields ("Without Sarah Jessica Parker I would never be able to achieve my dreams--Elderly Lesbians from New York dictating fashions for the rest of the country.")

No topic was taboo for the performers. The horse-face jokes flew with reckless abandon, as did jabs at her husband's alleged affair, and Carrie Bradshaw's effect on the younger generation as a "needy, empty-headed, neurotic slut who needs a man to be happy."

What's next on the plate for Hart and Celebrity Funeral? No plans as of yet, but she promises that the shows will never be done more than once, and that they will always be unique.