06/18/2010 03:31 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Padma Lakshmi & David Spade: Dating? [UPDATED]

UPDATE, 6/19/10:

It should be noted that less than a month, ago, Padma Lakshmi appeared at a benefit for endometriosis, and, in the words of HuffPost Entertainment, "talked about her love for Teddy Forstmann, a long term companion who is not the baby's father." (The father is Adam Dell.)

She said of Teddy:

"I am lucky to have someone who unwaveringly gave me love and manly support -- and is also the person that I love. So thank you, Teddy."

So her evening with Spade may very well not have been romantic.

Original post:

Padma Lakshmi and David Spade went out together in LA the other night, and Celebuzz has the photo to prove it. PopEater has them in the car together, if you still didn't believe it.

According to the gossip site, the...couple(?) hit up Koi in West Hollywood, but we know little else.

The spotting has resulted in a nearly unanimously display of internet jaw-dropping:

  • "David Spade and ... Padma Lakshmi? Could It Be?" -- PopEater
  • "Today's "Huh?" Couple .. Does this make any sense at all?" -- Celebuzz
  • "David Spade and Top Chef's Padma Lakshmi make an unlikely couple?!" -- Just Jared
  • "Good god, David Spade snagged another outrageously hot date...Did this awkward little man sell his soul to the devil or something?" -- Gawker

The seventh season of Top Chef, which Padma hosts with Tom Colicchio, premiered Wednesday night to the show's smallest opening audience since its debut in 2006.