GREAT EXHIBITIONS: Calder And Contemporary Art At MCA Chicago

WHO: Alexander Calder, Martin Boyce, Nathan Carter, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Aaron Curry, Kristi Lippire, Jason Meadows, and Jason Middlebrook

WHAT: Alexander Calder and Contemporary Art exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago

WHEN: June 26 - October 17, 2010

Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
220 East Chicago Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611

WHY: (From Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago's website)
"In the mid-1990s, something changed, and an emerging generation of international artists became greatly interested in Calder's straightforward, hands-on method of working; his emphasis on materials and on the visual and physical experience of his artworks; and his dedication to having his works speak for themselves rather than relying on context, biography, or theory. Alexander Calder and Contemporary Art: Form, Balance, Joy is the first exhibition to explore Calder's influence on this generation of contemporary artists."
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