06/22/2010 02:16 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Peter Orszag, HuffPost Readers' Hottie: A Look Back (PHOTOS)

When we asked readers in March 2009, "Who's the White House's Hottest?" we inadvertently left out then-OMB Director Peter Orszag--to the commenters' chagrin! At the time, thegiantpaperpanda wrote: "I think they're all pretty appealing in their own ways. But hey! Where's ORZAG! [sic];-)" and Jaxy remarked: "Yup, that Peter Orszag is a definite cutie. Smart and debonair too." And we realized a HuffPost Style star was born.

Since then, we've laughed together, we've cried together, we've watched Orszag get engaged to Bianna Golodryga, we've questioned the naturalness of his hair and we've applauded his hipster boots in the Oval Office. We will miss him when he's gone. Take a look at our favorite Orszag moments and tell us in the comments if he's still one of your favorites.

Peter Orszag