06/23/2010 10:33 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

USA World Cup: How The United States Can Advance

UPDATE: The U.S. advances with a stunning goal in stoppage time. WATCH the goal here.

The United States is currently playing Algeria in a crucial World Cup match that will help determine each country's fate. There are several ways the United States can advance.


The U.S. moves on to the knockout stage with a win against Algeria.


The Americans are eliminated if they lose to Algeria.


The United States can advance with a draw, but only under certain circumstances. If England loses to Slovenia and the U.S. manages a draw with Algeria, the Americans survive. If England beats Slovenia, the U.S. is eliminated with a draw.

If England and the United States both play to draws on Wednesday, the United States is well-positioned to advance, but it is not guaranteed. The crucial tiebreaker would be goals scored, and the United States enters Wednesday with a two-goal advantage on that score. However, if England outscores the United States by three goals on Wednesday and both teams draw, England would advance at the Americans' expense. If England outscores the U.S. by two goals and both teams draw, a random drawing would determine which country moves on to the knockout stage.