06/24/2010 03:24 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Hands Across The Sand' Acts Against Offshore Drilling With Global Demonstration

As we've previously reported on HuffPost Impact, a global activist campaign called "Hands Across The Sand" hopes to encourage people around the world to join hands in solidarity against offshore drilling and in support of clean energy.

The event was created by Florida restaurant owner Dave Rauschkolb, who became an activist against drilling due to his love of surfing on the coast of Seaside, Fla. The New York Times has details of the event:

The hand-holding will start at noon local times, moving around the world "in a wave" that starts in New Zealand and ends in Kauai, Hawaii, Rauschkolb said. In Washington, D.C., people will gather on Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House.

Though people have told Rauschkolb and other organizers they are attending, he said he has no way of knowing how many actually will show up.

To get involved, "Like" the Hands Across The Sand Facebook page and find a spot for you and your friends to join in the event.

hands across the sand