06/24/2010 10:49 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

'WORK OF ART' RECAP: Self-Critique

This week's assignment saw the artists designing book-covers for one of six pre-selected novels. As I watched, I was startled to see how much pressure the artists were under, how hard they seemed to work, how sleep-deprived and stressed out they were. I was touched when I heard John say that he wanted to portray "my reality and gay culture" in his Time Machine cover; by Ryan talking about "good and evil" in connection to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (even if he did spell "Jekyll" wrong in his piece); by Jamie-Lee sighing that she "needed to be redeemed." Nao's idea for Miles to simply read Frankenstein aloud to the judges was brilliant. I loved that Erik, who did Alice in Wonderland, actually had a tattoo from the book already on his arm. Had he just shown us his arm he would have been my hands-down winner. Something changed for me as I watched this week.

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