06/25/2010 11:36 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

20 Writers To Watch From The Independent Publishing Community

The recent 20 Under 40 list composed by The New Yorker contains twenty authors, who in the estimation of the staff of The New Yorker, are "fiction writers who. . . are, or will be, key to their generation." While it is not the intent of our response to disparage the writers chosen, it is important to point out the flaws of any list which purports to represent an entire body of achievement while having excluded from the very voting process the majority of individuals who work daily with the material under review. As we - the independent publishers, agents, bloggers and reviewers, in total a majority of people working in literary fiction today - were not consulted by The New Yorker in the composition of their list, we feel it is essential to respond to The New Yorker's list with a complementary list of our own, offering another twenty writers worth watching, this time drawn not from a singularly New York view of publishing but from the wider world of the American independent presses.

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