06/29/2010 04:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Dead Fish Moving (VIDEO): Headless, Skinless Dog Fish Thrash Around On Kitchen Counter

Skinless, headless fish thrash around on a kitchen countertop as an incredulous cook appears ready to prepare a meal.

That's the scene in one of two YouTube videos posted three weeks ago to a channel called TheSilverCamel.

The fish, which are dog fish, according to the would-be cook who films the bizarre scene, have been beheaded and yet still manage to flop around. The fish make noise as their "dead" bodies shake on the aluminum foil beneath them.

In a thick British accent, the cook filming her mobile meal tells someone off camera that she began recording the scene to prove that "the fish is moving, but it's dead!"

The creatures look like something from the Alien movie franchise.

A message has been sent to the YouTube account where both videos are posted to find out more information.