06/29/2010 11:32 am ET Updated 4 days ago

John Waters On Colbert: 'Wouldn't You Rather Your Child Be A Drug Dealer Than A Drug Addict?' (VIDEO)

John Waters, the quirky filmmaker famous for writing and directing "Hairspray," came on "The Colbert Report" last night to talk about his new book, "Role Models." He had plenty of shocking one-liners ready for the interview, and left even Colbert speechless when he ended the interview by asking: "Wouldn't you rather your kid be a drug dealer than a drug addict?" Waters takes an unconventional approach to the idea of role models in his book, saying that kids are better off as bad influences than they would be as "popular" kids in high school. Waters's own biggest role model is Tennessee Williams, he said, foregoing more traditional choices like Gandhi or Martin Luther King.

Other highlights from the interview include Waters's description of a first grade class that he recently taught, where he handed out rat skeletons ("they really liked it!") and had the children pretend to be in a plane crash. When he told Stephen that he feared looking like a child molester hanging around the school because he was there early, Colbert responded: "You can't really hang around anywhere without looking like a child molester."


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