06/29/2010 06:12 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Joseph Scott Carter Arrested On Suspicion Of Nederland Abductions

UPDATE: Joseph Scott Carter, the man accused of kidnapping two Boulder-area hikers, was a former state Senate candidate. The Boulder Daily Camera reports that Carter filed paperwork in April 2009 to run for a state Senate seat in Senate District 31 as a Republican.

9News reports that Carter also claims to be "at war with the United States."

9News's account of Carter's court appearance:

When the judge listed off the charges he now faces, which includes a pair of second-degree kidnapping charges, Carter had something to add.

"Your Honor, you'll also need to add levying war against the United States," he said.

A representative with the public defender's office immediately advised Carter to keep quiet.

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Joseph Scott Carter, a local transient, was arrested Monday on suspicion of kidnapping a man and woman who were hiking near Nederland this past Saturday. The victims reported being confronted by a man brandishing a rifle at around 6:00 pm near the 38000 block of Peak to Peak Highway.

The assailant then proceeded to fire a stray gunshot and bind the hikers to trees. According to Boulder County deputies, he made disparaging comments about President Obama and claimed to belong to a militia.

The male victim, 44, managed to free himself and run South to contact authorities. The assailant then released the female victim, a 32 year old woman from Fort Collins. The male victim suffered minor injuries from his escape while the female remained unharmed.

Carter, 42, was picked up by local police on Monday near the location of the kidnapping. He is thought to have been camping in the area in the weeks leading up to the attack.

Carter had a history of trouble with the law.

The Boulder Daily Camera reports:

Earlier this year, according to police, Longmont police arrested Carter on suspicion of threatening to kill a former co-worker. His employer, who just fired Carter from a job selling blankets on the side of the road, said he had strapped on chain mail body armor and a chain mail hood, as well as several knives on a belt, and threatened to kill a former co-worker whom he blamed for the firing.

The employer told police Carter yelled "Brad dies tonight!" then marched down Main Street in his armor, according to Longmont police.