06/30/2010 01:20 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Morning Joe' RIPS Mark Kirk Military Record: He 'Strangled Hitler', 'Dropped A-Bomb', 'Invented The Internet' (VIDEO)

The pundits on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" had some devastating lines for Illinois Senate candidate Mark Kirk Wednesday, after Kirk apologized for his many exaggerations of his military record.

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When trying to figure out exactly which embellishment Kirk was apologizing for, host Joe Scarborough quipped, "He already apologized, didn't he, for exaggerating about winning World War II?"

"He strangled Hitler, they airlifted him -- he dropped the bomb," Scarborough went on. "Not on Hiroshima, because that was the first one. He dropped one on Nagasaki, and then delivered the message to the Emperor, 'We shall return.' And that's what broke 'em. And then he invented the Internet."

And panelist Mark Halperin got in on the fun. "Wasn't he one of those guys in that Iwo Jima picture?"

The Daily Beast's Tina Brown added: "Inglorious bastards from beginning to end."

The group goes on to discuss how the scandal has affected the Illinois Senate race, which they describe as a "race to the bottom." Halperin argues that Kirk's exaggerations have moved it from a safe Republican win to a toss-up.

Watch the "Morning Joe" segment on Kirk:

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