07/01/2010 02:13 pm ET Updated 4 days ago

Anna Chapman, Alleged Russian Spy, Was Dating 60-Year-Old Divorced Dad Michael Bittan

Just how undercover was alleged Russian spy Anna Chapman?

A new report claims the 28-year-old red headed temptress was dating a wealthy 60-year-old man before her cover was blown.

Michael Bittan, a divorced dad from New Jersey, first came across Chapman about a year ago at popular Russian destination Mari Vanna.

The relationship started getting more serious within the past two months, as their rendezvouses became more frequent.

A friend of Bittan's told the Daily News:

"I didn't think it was exclusive on his part - he really loves hot women - but she enjoyed hanging with him...He moves in circles, knows celebrity chefs, meets politicians.. He's a very wealthy and successful guy. He made his money in jeans, real estate, pharmaceuticals, restaurants...He's a nice, cool, family oriented man who loves women."

Bittan owns a real estate company, The Bittan Group, as well as Club 201 and Solaia -- all based out of Englewood, New Jersey.

News of the hot spy's successful beau isn't surprising, says an admirer from Chapman's London days. "She knew how to work it," he said, describing her as "smart, beautiful, and discreet."

Chapman briefly married the wealthy son of a retail exec before crossing the pond. She also "hobnobbed at exclusive clubs and wore designer clothes," according to the Daily News.

WATCH this translated interview with Chapman: