07/01/2010 09:09 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

LeBron James Looks At Billy Joel's Old Townhouse? (PHOTOS)

It's LeBron James Day, where the entire world focuses on the decision of one man to make a lot of money in one place, or to make a lot of money in another place.

The rumors have been flying in recent days, putting James in Chicago, no, Cleveland, no, Miami, and so on and so forth. Nobody knows for sure where the King will sign, but if you believe real estate agents (and who doesn't?), LeBron is coming to the Big Apple.

The latest reports have him checking out Billy Joel's old West Village townhouse.

The 23 Perry Street home is listed for a mere $12.9 million and boasts a secret swimming pool, four bedrooms, four bathrooms and four fireplaces.

Check out the digs: