07/02/2010 01:39 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

PHOTOGRAPHY: Nick & Chloe's 'Elsinore' In SPREAD ArtCulture Magazine

Photography duo Nick & Chloe take you into a dark world inspired by Shakespeare's tragedy Hamlet for their photo-story "Elsinore" in the latest issue of SPREAD|Artculture magazine. The setting of the play is Elsinore, the Danish royal castle where the young prince Hamlet struggles with the recent passing of his father, King Hamlet, and the many deaths that ensue in his desire for revenge.

Nick & Chloe's modern interpretation takes place in a Paquebot-style machine factory built in the 1960s in the French suburbs. Notes the photographers, "We thought it was the perfect location to echo Hamlet's home, Elsinore. The map is a clue, indicating capitalism and industry. We also wanted to echo the end of an empire, a feeling of crisis."

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