07/02/2010 09:13 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Tesla Unveils The Roadster 2.5 (PHOTOS)

Two days after it's much-ballyhooed public stock offering, Tesla has released details of the company's latest electric car model, the "Roadster 2.5."

The Roadster 2.5 boasts a 250-mile maximum driving range, a new front bumper and grille with diffusing vents, a rear air diffuser, "directional" forged wheels and a modified power control system that permits "spirited driving" in even exceptionally hot climates.

But Fortune's Adam Lashinsky is skeptical of the company's "save-the-world" campaign that has gained so much attention from investors and the media. Says Lashinsky: "While Tesla drivers may pat themselves on the back because their cars don't emit foul greenhouse gases, half the electricity needed to charge the batteries that make the cars run comes from burning coal."

According to Lashinsky, if this country were to embrace electric cars in a big way, we'd likely make our emissions situation worse, not better, for all the coal we'd need to burn.

Ok, maybe Tesla has yet to figure out how to eradicate the automobile's carbon footprint, but the car is visually impressive. Check out pics of Tesla's newest model, the Roadster 2.5: