07/06/2010 02:33 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Anna Chapman Reportedly Sought Princes William And Harry, Enjoyed Kinky Sex

New revelations about the private life of Anna Kushchenko Chapman, the 28-year-old New York real estate entrepreneur accused of being a deep-cover Russian spy, continue to ignite sensational media coverage on both sides of the Atlantic.

On Sunday, Britain's Daily Mirror reported that Chapman had long been fixated on Britain's royal princes William and Harry. According to sources, the Russian-born Chapman had frequented high-end London restaurants and swanky nightclubs in an effort to meet the princes before she left the U.K. in 2007.

The article quotes an unnamed pal as saying, "I remember her talking about Prince William and Prince Harry, but she was very careful not to be seen as the sort of girl who hangs around waiting for them, even though that's exactly what she was doing. As a regular at these places, Anna would have found it easy to get near the princes and was certainly pretty friendly with people in their world."

As it turns out, the British royals were hardly the most sordid of Anna's interests. Her ex-husband Alex Chapman, 30, told the British media that his wife had a penchant for kinky sex, including whips and nipple clamps.

"Anna was great in bed and she knew exactly what to do," said Alex, noting that the pair had once enjoyed a steamy rendezvous aboard a Moscow-bound flight. "The sex was great and she had this incredible body." Along with the interview, various media outlets also published racy photos -- some rumored to have been taken from the accused spy's Facebook page -- which show her cavorting in lingerie in bed. Pals of Anna say she is "humiliated" by her ex-husband's remarks and the photos.

As details of Anna's life seem to resemble a Cold War-era spy film more and more each day, it's no surprise that Hollywood may soon beckon. Singer-actress Kelly Osbourne, the daughter of rocker Ozzy who previously appeared in films such as "The Town That Boars Me," said she hopes to play the accused spy in a big-screen adaptation of the scandal if one is made.

"I am absolutely intrigued by the Russian spy story in the news at the moment," Osbourne, 25, told Closer magazine. "I want to play the glamorous red-haired one, Anna Chapman, who everyone's talking about."