07/08/2010 02:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Anna Chapman Is 'No Mata Hari,' Says Mother (VIDEO)

Despite an onslaught of media reports on her private life, Anna Chapman grew up an average young Russian woman, according to her mother.

While Chapman quickly emerged as the most notorious of the 11 accused members of a Russian spy ring arrested last month, Irina Kushchenko says her daughter is "no Mata Hari," referring to the stripper executed by France for spying on Germany's behalf during World War I.

Kushchenko insists her daughter is innocent and has not been involved in espionage, according to an Associated Press report. She also said she plans to file a lawsuit following the distribution of images and videos on her daughter's private life, the likes of which have created a tabloid frenzy.

Watch the interview here: