07/13/2010 11:06 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Marilyn Monroe's Brentwood Home For Sale

Via Curbed LA: The Brentwood home where Marilyn Monroe passed away is on the market for $3.6 million, having changed hands several times since that infamous day but no worse for wear. The star had purchased the home in 1962 for $90,000, and had been set to make mortgage payments at $320 a month.

The official listing highlights both the seclusion of the property and its close proximity to San Vicente Boulevard life. It has four bedrooms and three baths, and while the living space is only 2,624 square feet, the entire lot size is 23,200 square feet. Most of the property is taken up by the pool, grassy yard, courtyard, and citrus grove. According to the fan site Marilyn Monroe Memories, the actress was proud of her kidney-shaped pool even though she never got around to swimming in it; the home had only been in her possession for about six months before she passed.

All photos by Lee Manning

Marilyn Monroe's Brentwood Home