07/13/2010 02:20 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Special Price: Custom Brow Shaping By Luxe Beauty Team

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The Luxe Beauty Team
Warren-Tricomi Salon
8327 Melrose Avenue
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Original Price: $46.00
Bergine Price: $28.00

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This 30-minute custom brow shaping from The Luxe Beauty Team, a recent addition to the expert stylists at Warren-Tricomi Salon, will take even the unruliest of brows and create perfectly symmetrical shape. A brow makeover can take years off your appearance, creating a subtle difference that affects the overall beauty of your face.

When the brows are shaped just right, a woman can look put-together without a stitch of make up.

Your artist will first discuss with you what you'd like done: just a touch up? Complete brow overhaul? Something different? Because the brows form a frame for your eyes, your artist will ensure flawless maintenance and shape, with a balanced, gorgeous result.

The Luxe Beauty Team co-founders, Sarah Uslan and Amy Hollier, have one particular thing in common: they want you to feel confident and beautiful. They recognize that each individual is different, and they tailor each treatment to particular features and enhance your unique beauty.
A mobile beauty spa, The Luxe Beauty Team has partnered with Warren-Tricomi and a hand picked group of industry professionals to offer their celebrity treatment from the Salon. They believe quality, consistency and customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of good business.
An essential part of your beauty regimen, brow shaping is a quick and painless way to polish your look.

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