07/14/2010 11:54 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Sharron Angle Now 'Glad' Reid Re-Posted Her Old Website

Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle says that she is now "glad" that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid re-posted her primary website despite earlier sending a cease and desist order demanding that he take it down.

The Tea Party favorite told the Christian Broadcasting Network's Brody File on Tuesday that she isn't running from her primary campaign platform when she took her website down and scrubbed its contents clean. In fact, she's willing to promote the old content that Reid's campaign has subsequently provided, as evidence that she hasn't veered from her views.

"We're not completely there yet," Angle said of the new website. "We're still working on those precise statements but everything that Harry Reid has posted on "The Real Sharron Angle" (website) and I'll promote that website actually because that is the old website. It won the primary and I would like people to go there and look at my positions and it's good that he's paying for that so I'm glad."

Glad is not the adjective the Angle campaign has always applied to Reid's posting of its old website. When "The Real Sharron Angle" first went up, the Nevada Republican sent a cease and desist order demanding that it be taken down. Reid's campaign momentarily complied. Then, it reversed course, re-posting the old Angle website after removing its solicitations for donations and email addresses.

Angle has not sent a follow-up cease and desist order, the Reid campaign confirmed. On the "Brody File", she was not pressed directly on why she filed her initial order. She was, however, asked about the decision to revamp her website and what one was to make of her apparent shifts in policy prescriptions.

"The main criticism that we had all during the primary is you don't have a professional website," she replied, ducking questions about whether she had tempered or moderated her positions. 'You need to get some professionals in here and redo your website and get a professional website.'"

"Well we had money that we knew was coming in, but we knew we had to spend it on media, television, radio, getting that message out and... our website was functional and we know that people were going there. They were getting the answers that they needed so we said we'll wait until we have a little more money, then we'll redo the website. So the first thing we did, 15 minutes after the primaries, we put up a splash page that said donate money because we knew we needed that money to come in for the website, for more staffing, for media, TV, radio, to get the message out and we said, while we're there, redesign this so we hired the Prosper group. They did Scott Brown's race and they put up the splash page and they began to remake our website..."