07/16/2010 06:02 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Pete Carroll Talks About USC, Reggie Bush


LOS ANGELES -- Former USC coach Pete Carroll is speaking out about his controversial decision to leave the Trojans as the team deals with NCAA sanctions that cast a cloud over his successful 9-year run with the team.

Carroll told KTLA his new book, "Win Forever," gives him a chance to let people know about the team's standards and the "expectations" that the Trojans have to "live with."


Carroll left USC after last season to take over as coach of the Seattle Seahawks.

Last month, USC received a two-year postseason ban, a loss of scholarships and was forced to vacate victories from the 2004 and '05 seasons for NCAA violations involving former star tailback Reggie Bush.

Carroll says he feels responsible for the situation because he was the head coach and it happened under his watch.

But, he calls it an "isolated incident."

"There's no question here that something happened that really put us in a very difficult situation," he said when asked if Reggie Bush let the team down.

He also said it's not known if we "have all the facts."

"We still don't know and we may never know."

The university is appealing some of the penalties.

Carroll himself was not accused of wrongdoing by the NCAA.

He insists his decision to leave the Trojans had "nothing to do with what was going on at USC or any of the issues that you might think otherwise."

During his time with the Trojans, he went 97-19 with two national championships.