07/16/2010 09:08 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Whoopi Goldberg iPhone 4 RANT (VIDEO): Star 'Murdered' Her Phone

You're not the only one frustrated by the new iPhone's reception problems.

Whoopi Goldberg vented on The View that she was so frustrated by her "bad" iPhone 4's service problems and dropped calls that she "murdered" her smartphone by smashing it in her car door.

"The people couldn't get a hold of me," she said, explaining that the phone cut out during an on-air interview. "My phone would ring and ring and ring to them, but wouldn't do anything to me. I couldn't hear it."

It wasn't just the service that irked Whoopi. "It threw away emails," she lamented. "My phone was bad; it wasn't just that the antenna was bad, it was bad."

So Whoopi took matters into her own hands and "murdered" her phone. "I took that bad boy, I opened the car door, and I said 'DAMN,'" she said, miming shutting the phone into her door.

Despite the phone's issues, she hasn't switched to a BlackBerry or Android device--Whoopi said she went out and got a 3G model instead. She also noted she has lots of love for Apple's iPad.

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