07/19/2010 04:27 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

A&F Quarterly Nudity Count: More Men Stripped Down Than Women

If you're like us and haven't yet gotten your copy of the new A&F Quarterly, the folks at The Shophound have a handy statistical analysis of what you'll find inside. Here is a recap of the nudity, broken down by the numbers:

  • BARE BEHINDS: Male -- 15, Female -- 6
  • BARE CHESTS: Female -- 9, Male -- pretty much all of them
  • NEARLY FULL FRONTAL NUDITY: Male -- 16, Female -- 8

The Shophound also notes that there are several sequences of guys wrestling, a threesome (female/male/female) spread and two pages of ladies making out.

But to sum it up:

It's hardly hard-core porn, but at $10 a copy it's certainly priced like it, and while there is no actual full frontal nudity, there is plenty that without a strategically placed hand, leg or even a big black dot, would easily qualify.