07/19/2010 12:36 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Men Jump Over Cows In France (VIDEO)

While the Spanish have bullfighting and the running of the bulls, the French, never to be outdone, have their very own sport involving cows.

Cow jumping is quite simple in theory -- one highly acrobatic individual and one cow run at each other and if everything goes smoothly the gymnast easily soars over the cow, sometimes showing off by doing a flip or twirl.

The sport's formal name is "Course Landaise" and it uses cows instead of bulls, cows being supposedly smarter so they more apt to listen to directions.

The sport, practiced in the South of France for over 150 years, according to Time, has a significant fan base and is performed at festivals all over the country.

While the sport was adapted from the Spanish festival, it is said to be much safer then the running of the bulls and much more humane to the bulls, but still, of course, dangerous for the jumper.

Check Out A Clip Of The Sport: