07/19/2010 04:34 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

'Most Wanted' List Leads To Arrest Of Six-Year Fugitive After Four Days

Less than a week after Chicago's Most Wanted list made its comeback, it brought authorities a big prize.

Sherry Halligan, a fugitive from La Grange who shot a man five times before jumping bail and disappearing, was found on Friday after a six-year flight from justice. She was identified by someone who had seen her on the list.

The Chicago Crime Commission's "Public Enemies" list was made famous in the 1930s, when gangster Al Capone topped the list as "Public Enemy #1." Everyone on the list was reputed to be a gangster, and most were involved with bootlegging operations.

After a 70-year hiatus, the list had a renaissance last week, still populated mostly by gang members. Seven of the people on the list are murder suspects; the rest are wanted for drug crimes.

The list also has a 21st century twist. From the CCC's press release (PDF):

[T]he Chicago Crime Commission is utilizing social networking sites like Facebook and the Internet to digitally spread the word about the Most Wanted list. "By working together with the community and law enforcement, I am confident that we can take a positive step to getting these criminals off the streets," [CCC Executive Vice President Arthur] Bilek said.

And it didn't take long for the Crime Commission's strategy to pay off. Authorities in southwest suburban Palos Hills received a tip on Friday that Halligan was in the area. The only female on the Most Wanted list, Halligan allegedly shot and killed Dennis Campbell in 2003 after a domestic dispute, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. She turned herself in at the time, only to jump bail, abandon her car at Midway Airport, and launch a nationwide manhunt that had been fruitless for years.

Local police and the FBI tracked Halligan down, and she surrendered peacefully.

Bilek told the Sun-Times that he was "very pleased" with Halligan's capture, and that the Commission is considering publishing a new list, presumably with Halligan replaced by Public Enemy #11.