07/21/2010 10:56 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Courtney Love's Fashion Confession: My Life Changed When I Got A Birkin Bag

Courtney Love recently sat down with WWD and she talked about the turning point in her fashion life: when she got a Birkin Bag six months ago. She wouldn't reveal who gave the at-least-$7,000 bag to her, saying, "There's no way you're getting that information."

Love remarked, "I got my first Birkin at age 45. It's kind of tragic when you think about it. Next Birkin I'll go to Paris and order it myself....It's sort of like diamonds, though. Do you buy it yourself or do you let someone buy it for you?" She's also said that in the last half-year her decorum has entirely changed due to the handbag: "Having a Birkin even makes you read every part of the Emily Post etiquette book."