07/21/2010 05:14 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Dam Vinh Hung, Vietnamese Pop Star, Attacked By Anti-Communist Activist In Drag (VIDEO)

What seemed to be a tender moment during Vietnamese pop star Dam Vinh Hung's California performance turned ugly when an anti-communist activist dressed as a woman squirted pepper spray into the singer's eyes Sunday.

The culprit was Vietnamese-born U.S. citizen and self-proclaimed "freedom fighter" Ly Tong, 61, who was seen approaching the Santa Clara Convention Center's stage in drag, holding a flower. As Hung bent down from the stage to accept the offering, Tong shot the pepper spray, immediately halting the performance.

Hung's U.S. tour has reportedly been plagued with controversy in the Vietnamese-American community since it started, as many see the star as representative of their former homeland's communist rulers.

Though shell-shocked, Hung wasn't seriously hurt. Tong was arrested and booked for investigation of assault, burglary and discharging a chemical irritant. He is set to be arraigned Wednesday.

Watch footage of the attack here: