07/21/2010 01:37 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Dylan Ratigan Smacks Down J.P. Freire For Interrupting: 'Be Quiet When Somebody Else Is Speaking'

Dylan Ratigan isn't known for holding back on his guests, as Washington Examiner editor J.P. Freire learned firsthand Tuesday.

Freire, who appeared on MSNBC's "The Dylan Ratigan Show" alongside Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart, disagreed with Capehart over whether Shirley Sherrod should have resigned from her post with the USDA. Capehart interrupted Freire when he accused the NAACP of calling the entire Tea Party racist. "That's just not true," Capeheart said.

Freire then went on to criticize MSNBC for editing out footage of a gun-toting black participant in a Tea Party rally, when Ratigan cut in explaining that an inexperienced staffer had made the editing error and blasting what he called "systematic racism" within the United States.

Freire and Ratigan then discussed racism in America, before Ratigan threw the discussion back to Capehart. That's when Freire interrupted Capehart.

"J.P., please be quiet," Ratigan said.

"Jonathan has blockaded my entire part," Freire shot back, which led Ratigan to blow up.

"Who hosts the show, J.P.? Who hosts the show?" Ratigan asked. "I'm in charge of the show, I'll decide who I talk to. I might spend the entire time with Jonathan Capehart and not talk to you at all and you can choose to not come on my show ever again. Just because you're on my show doesn't mean you get as much time as you want. Do you understand that?"

"Okay, and what I'll do is I'll interrupt if I have something to say," Freire said.

"And I'll tell you to be quiet when somebody else is speaking," Ratigan responded, ending the segment.


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Afterwards, Fishbowl DC contacted Freire and MSNBC. Freire said he would be happy to go on Ratigan's show again. An MSNBC source said that it wasn't likely he would be asked back. "Dylan is furious," the source said.