07/21/2010 01:10 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Attacking Muslims Is In Vogue Again Among Conservatives [UPDATED]

Recently in the land of the demented, it's become ultra-voguish to hate Americans who are practitioners of Islam. Loud, angry, scare-bears have made their position very clear. Muslims aren't allowed to have mosques in lower Manhattan or Staten Island or Tennessee or Southern California. In Jacksonville, Florida, anti-Muslim extremists can mount acts of terrorism without being concerned that the national media will get too heavily involved in covering the story. And among Alaskan celebrities of certain renown, the hatred of Muslims is threatening to rip the very fabric of the English language.

And now, Glenn Beck has decided that he cannot tolerate the thought of American Muslims riding around on rollercoasters for fun! This is what Beck bleated out to the world, via email:

At the very minimum this is one of the worst PR moves of all time. A Six Flags amusement park is having a 'Muslim Family Day' which if that's what they want to do, great! BUT they've decided to have the festivities on September 12th - of ALL days, THIS is the one they pick? What in the world were they thinking?

Hint: They were probably thinking that a Sunday in September might be a nice time for Muslim families to enjoy themselves at an amusement park?

UPDATE: Actually, it's perfectly logical. A reader emailed me with a reminder that September 12 coincides with the final day of Eid ul-Fitr, a holiday that "marks the end of Ramadan." Eid begins in North America on September 10 this year.

Beck would later take to his radio show to "elaborate" on this daft position, saying, "I can't imagine that in 1948, they would have had 'Japanese Day' at the water park on December 8th."


Well, I can't imagine anyone having a "day" of any kind at a water park in December, can you? But I digress. Yes, Japan attacked the United States in 1941 and for a period of time, we kinda sorta lost our minds a little bit with regard to the Japanese-Americans who were attacked that day by another country. But by 1948, the internment camps had been closed for three years and the war had been won.

Additionally, what Beck really fails to grasp is that "Muslim families" did not attack the United States. The U.S. was attacked by a dangerous cult of psychopathic terrorists known as al Qaeda. So, "Muslim families" in America are allowed to enjoy themselves by eating funnel cake and riding log flumes. I'm pretty sure I'd strenuously object to Six Flags holding a special "Al Qaeda Cult Day" on any day of the year. But then again, the most recent al Qaeda cultists in the news have been so bereft of intelligence that I have to imagine that an "Al Qaeda Cult Day" at Six Flags might provide law enforcement with the opportunity to stage a highly successful sting operation.

Of course, this is all beside the point. Beck is perfectly willing to allow Six Flags to have a "Muslim family" day. His objection is to the September 12th date, because he has tried to claim that day for his own personal Party In The USA. What's baffling about this is that he can't possibly want those Muslim families to attend his day of personal ego masturbation -- after all, he compares them to the people who attacked Pearl Harbor! You'd think that keeping Muslim families occupied at amusement parks would be convenient for everyone involved. But really, Beck just can't stand the thought of people he doesn't like enjoying themselves on the day he picked for his own personal enjoyment. The whole world is supposed to just simply stop, on his behalf, because he is a megalomaniac.

UPDATE: Here's a key piece of background on Six Flags Muslim Family Day, sent in by a reader, Gabe Small, via email.

History of the Event:

This event was first held at Six Flags Great Adventure, NJ, in September 2000. The event was immediately a huge success. The tragic events of 9/11 that resulted in the loss of thousands of innocent lives, also affected this event directly. The chief organizer, Tariq Amanullah, who worked on the 96th floor of WTC, Tower 2, passed away. The team was unable to come together again till year 2004, when the event came back bigger than ever before.

So, to reiterate: Six Flags Muslim Family Day began in the year 2000, and its chief organizer DIED IN THE SEPTEMBER 11th ATTACKS.

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