07/26/2010 02:03 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Derek Jeter' Coma Victim Carlos Olmedo's First Words

"Derek Jeter" were the first words uttered by NYPD officer Carlos Olmedo after miraculously waking up from an 11-day coma.

Olmedo was chasing car thieves in Bensonhurst in May when a motorcycle hit him, leaving him unconscious.

His recovery was uncertain.

"He is in very grave condition, he's being treated by the best doctors that are here. At this point I think it's in the hands of God," Mayor Bloomberg said upon visiting the ailing police officer at the Lutheran Hospital in May.

Fortunately, Olmedo recovered almost in full, and was granted the opportunity to meet the New York Yankees -- including Derek Jeter.

Watch the heartwarming meet-and-greet below: