07/28/2010 06:06 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Ed Mezvinsky: 'I'm A Proud Papa'

We've heard from the proud parents of the bride--Bill might cry and Hillary will certainly be emotional--however we hadn't heard much from the Mezvinsky camp.

But "Inside Edition" caught up with Marc's father Ed today just after he got his hair cut for this weekend's festivities. Ed said, "I'm a proud papa...The family's excited...These are two wonderful human beings that have sensitivity about life and have a warm regard for family and that's what it's really all about...The guidelines are we don't talk about the wedding, we just enjoy each other."

In reference to his time spent in prison, he remarked, “I’m remorseful for what happened, it was a terrible time, and I was punished for that. And I respect that and accept responsibility for what happened, and now I’m trying to move on and am grateful I have the opportunity for that.”