07/28/2010 09:35 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Michael Hamlin Naked Picture? Nude Photo DENIED By Cowboys Safety

An alleged naked picture of Dallas Cowboys safety Michael Hamlin has surfaced online, but the Dallas defender insists that the nude photo does not depict him. MediaTakeout posted the photograph, claiming that it was sent to them by an ex-girlfriend of the Cowboy.

The man in the photograph is wearing pants, but it appears that some or all of his genitals are exposed (they have been digitally covered in the posted picture).

While MediaTakeout claims the picture is legitimate, Hamlin says he is not the person in the picture, according to the Dallas Morning News. ESPN reports that Hamlin believes the pictures is "photoshopped."

On Monday, a naked picture of fellow cowboy Martellus Bennett was published at MediaTakeout. Bennett later apologized.