07/29/2010 04:38 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jenolan Caves Klingon Tours: Australia Tourist Destination Offers Self-Guided Tours In 'Star Trek' Language (VIDEO)

Starting August 22, Australia's Jenolan Caves National Park will offer self-guided audio tours in Klingon, according to CNN.

The tours, running through Nettle Cave, are already offered in eight languages (which, obviously weren't enough). The Cave has roughly 150,000 to 200,000 visitors annually.

"We thought it would be neat to add another language, perhaps a fictional one," David Hay, director of Cultural Initiatives at Jenolan Caves, told CNN. "We considered adding dwarfish or elfish, but then decided to add the second most spoken fictional language in the world after Esperanto, which is Klingon."

Hay told CNN that the addition of Klingon isn't entirely random: In the '90s, two "Star Trek" writers visited the cave and named a vessel in a 1992 episode the USS Jenolan.

In July, two Klingon scholars (yup, you read that right) visited the caves and translated the English version into Klingon and recorded it at a studio in Sydney. The Klingon Language Institute has roughly 2,500 members in 50 countries.

"What I think is happening is that people are very interested in the language and we have created a portal into it," Hay said. "This is an opportunity for others to listen to Klingon and make it available for those who interested in it."

If you need a reminder of what Klingon sounds like, check out the war song below.