07/30/2010 01:04 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Mike Tyson Talks Cocaine, Prostitutes And More

Not long after doing an interview in which he called his life a "f--king waste," former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson sat down for another conversation, this time with Pablo S. Torre of Sports Illustrated.

Tyson reflected on being a former drug addict and his life living in Las Vegas. He says he would start his days by going to a club at 2 o'clock a.m.

"I'd be sitting down and drinking and doing cocaine, talking to girls, doing anything. Everything," said Tyson. "Then I make it home and I'm tripping out at home."

He went onto say that he doesn't know how it happened, but he is very "fortunate" to have his wife and kids, living a very different life.

"If I allowed my will to run riot, this house would be full, you'd hear people screaming from sex upstairs," Tyson explained. "If I allowed my mind to run riot, that's what this place would be like."

Check out the full SI interview here.