08/03/2010 08:52 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Olbermann Blasts Tom Shales Over Christiane Amanpour Review (VIDEO)

Keith Olbermann blasted Washington Post critic Tom Shales for his critique of Christiane Amanpour in his return to "Countdown" Monday.

Shales, who has criticized Amanpour in the past, wrote after her Sunday debut on "This Week" that she is a "globetrotting fancypants" and complained that during the "In Memoriam" segment Amanpour honored "all of those who died in war."

"Did she mean to suggest that our mourning extend to members of the Taliban?" Shales wrote.

Olbermann then played the tape of Amanpour's "In Memoriam" segment, which featured the names of 11 US service members killed in Afghanistan scrolling across the screen.

"You know what Ms. Amanpour can include in next week's 'In Memoriam' segment?" Olbermann asked. "Tom Shales' career."


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