08/04/2010 08:04 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Tucker Carlson Denies Keith Olbermann Feud

Tucker Carlson started a feud with Keith Olbermann last month when he purchased and went on record dissing his former MSNBC colleague.

Now he denies the very existence of a feud, though in doing so again laid into Olbermann, who he previously described as the most disliked person at MSNBC.

"I feel sorry for Keith," Carlson told Mediabistro. "What a sad old guy he is, a prisoner of his many phobias. I'm not feuding with him at all, as I tried to explain when I emailed him the other day from my new account, Keith [at] He never responded. I hope he's okay."

In the same interview, Carlson said that he thinks Eliot Spitzer "will be good" when he goes against Olbermann in the 8PM time slot on CNN.

"[Spitzer will] be better than he was as attorney general or governor," Carlson said. "It's the definition of stunt casting. I don't know what else you're going to do if you're CNN."

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