08/05/2010 07:10 pm ET Updated 5 days ago

South LA Car Chase Caught On Video

In a city where high speed chases are more of a pastime than newsworthy event, it takes something remarkable to really get noticed. And this one was CRAZY from start to finish.

The LA Times reports:

The unidentified suspect was taken into custody by about a dozen LAPD officers around 2:15 p.m. after a chase that began about 1:50 p.m. at the Southwest Area police station in the 1500 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, department spokeswoman Norma Eisenman said.

Police said the man walked into the station and said he wanted to kill police officers before running out and getting into his car, Eisenman said.

Clearly someone has been playing too much Grand Theft Auto.

The driver reached speeds of 70 mph, on sidewalks and streets, striking several other cars along the way. Even after police manage to get him to stop, it took a small army of officers to remove and restrain the driver. From NBC Los Angeles:

The suspect could be seen fighting with officers trying to pull him from the vehicle. Officers broke windows on the vehicle as they tried to arrest him. A team of officers eventually got him onto the ground, where the suspect appeared to continue struggling.

He was eventually handcuffed, and was carried to a patrol car. A small pool of blood was left on the street where the suspect was arrested.

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