08/05/2010 08:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Zimbabwe Plane Crash Only A Drill

A plane crash that was reported at Zimbabwe's Harare airport on Thursday was, in fact, just a drill, according to Reuters.

Originally, authorities reported the accident saying there were injuries but no deaths and that the flight had come from London. They back-tracked though, and an official told Reuters: "There was a drill. We have to test our preparedness and response capabilities every now and then."

"As we understand it, it's a drill, it isn't real, it hasn't really happened," a British Foreign Office spokeswoman told Reuters.

Air Zimbabwe is a member of the International Air Transport Association, which requires its members to carry out accident procedures every two years.

An aviation industry official in Zimbabwe told Reuters that the accident was indeed a drill, but there was no warning of the drill beforehand.

"A lot of airlines carry out emergency drills. Normally you would see a notification going out so that people are not surprised," the official said. "I am not aware of any notification this time. I have never seen it done in quite this way."

This happened in Kenya in 2006 when authorities reported the crash of a plane carrying 80 people. Emergency crews rushed to the scene only to find that it was also a dry run.