08/09/2010 06:02 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Facebook 'Meh' Button (PHOTO): What Button Do You Want To See?

Facebook users have been asking the social network to add a "Dislike" button in addition to its existing "Like" button.

One Facebook group clamoring for the feature called "Dislike Button" has over 3 million members.

But here's one button you might not have considered: a Facebook "Meh" button.
Boing Boing reader obeyken has created a prototype for the tool (see below).

What kind of "reaction" button would you want to see on Facebook--a "Hi" button? A "bleh" button? A "love" button?--and what would it look like?

Design the Facebook button you'd like to have, then upload a picture of it (along with what you'd call it) using the "Add a Slide" tool below.