08/09/2010 02:33 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Jack Conway Blasts Rand Paul, Presses Kentucky Voters To Reject 'Ignorance' (VIDEO)

Democrat Jack Conway is going on the offensive in his campaign for U.S. Senate in Kentucky and urging voters to reject the "ignorance" of Republican rival Rand Paul.

"We have to beat back this ignorance, this intolerance and give to the people the government they deserve," said Conway in a speech over the weekend at the 130th annual Fancy Farm picnic, a widely anticipated political event in Graves County, Ky. "We have the campaign to do it... He can call me names. That's OK. But he knows he has Obama to deal with."

Bluegrass Politics reports:

The Democratic nominee, had a "Rand Paul Waffle House" set up behind the stage to highlight the charge that Paul has changed positions on several issues, or that his beliefs are risky.

Volunteers at the booth passed out menus with items such as "Rand's Balanced Budget Biscuit. Don't ask for the secret recipe -- Rand won't tell you."

One Conway supporter came to the event, where political theater is a tradition, dressed in a fake beard-wearing, club-carrying "NeanderPaul" costume.

A fired-up Conway riled the crowd with each shot he took at his Tea Party-backed rival candidate. Some of the loudest cheers came when the Democratic hopeful took aim at Paul for responding to the BP oil spill and a recent Kentucky coal mine tragedy by saying, "Accidents happen."

"And what did Mitch McConnell say to the Republican National Committee the morning after the primary?" called Conway to his audience, which shouted back, "Accidents happen."

McConnell supported former Paul opponent Trey Grayson is the state's Republican primary. Grayson happened to be in attendance at Conway's speech and reportedly laughed at the Democratic contender's jab.

Meanwhile, Paul also took to the political extravaganza to rally support for his own campaign.

The conservative contender's camp had someone dressed in a Flipper dolphin costume in effort to publicly charge Conway with flip-flopping on the "cap and trade" environmental issue; however, multiple reports suggest that the Kentucky Republican struggled to woo the crowd with his speech. The Daily Caller reports:

As if they had been waiting patiently to hear something -- anything -- that could put them on their feet, members of the crowd finally burst out in a cheer. But with the next thing out of Paul's mouth, he immediately lost them again.

"It's not just the tax code. The regulatory code is 79,000 pages long," he said. "We've added 10,000 regulations in the last decade. To comply with these regulations costs us over a trillion dollars."

"Boring! Boring! Boring!" a group in the audience chanted in unison.

But Paul was not finished. If all else fails while addressing a state as red as Kentucky, you can always squeeze out a little passion by simply reminding them that Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader, exists.

(NOTE: An earlier version of this story said Fancy Farm is in Marshall County. It is in Graves County.)