08/10/2010 12:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Alex Sink, Florida Gubernatorial Contender, Highlights In-Fighting Between Opponents In New Ad (VIDEO)

So, who is Alex Sink? Well, she is the Chief Financial Officer of the State of Florida and she's running as a Democrat to be the next governor of Florida. Oh, that's right, the Florida gubernatorial election! If you've heard any news about this race at all, it's probably been confined to the messy, hostile race between the two candidates vying for the GOP nomination: Florida Attorney General and anti-gay crusader Bill McCollum and Medicare fraud-king Rick Scott.

At some point, Sink is going to have to aggressively promote herself, but for the time being, her campaign is content to leverage the McCollum-Scott mudslinging as a way of setting herself apart. So, she's got an ad out this week, that takes the fray on the GOP side and creates a montage of toxic infighting. You'll note that while the ad paints both of her would-be opponents in a bad light, it notes that Scott is the de facto favorite in the race, so McCollum's specific criticism of Scott's fraudster past has found its way into the clip.


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