08/11/2010 01:51 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

David File, New Zealand Bowler, Received 10-Year Ban From Sport For Exposing Himself

David File, one of New Zealand's best bowlers, has received a 10-year ban from the sport after he exposed himself at an Easter tournament.

File admitted that he "flopped out my old fella" after a trip to the bathroom. According to File, he was trying to tell his team they were "playing like dicks."

"I didn't hurt anybody. I just made a dick of myself," File said to the Dominion Post. "We weren't going very well and we'd had a few beers and we were playing like dickheads. I went for a piss and when I returned I flopped it out and said to the boys, `That is what we are playing like.'"

File isn't taking his punishment without a fight. He plans on appealing his decade-long ban, according to