08/12/2010 06:27 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bill Clinton's Birthday Wish: Charity Donations

Former President Bill Clinton is using Facebook Causes to help make his birthday wishes come true. Clinton hasn't selected gifts -- instead, he wants to reduce childhood obesity, tackle the problems of climate change, and encourage economic opportunities through entrepreneurship.

Causes allows Facebook users to raise interest around the issues that matter most to them, using their social network to mobilize friends to take action. The "birthday wish" feature allows users to ask their Facebook friends for charity donations, in lieu of birthday gifts. So far, this feature has raised over $6 million for various causes and nonprofits.

The Los Angeles Times reports Clinton is the first prominent public figure to raise money through the birthday wish program. He looked to Causes founder Joe Green for help.

"Not only are we hoping to raise funds for the important work undertaken by the Clinton Foundation, but we hope to inspire our users to follow the president's example when it is their own birthday, and donate it to charity," Green said.

Clinton will celebrate his 64th birthday on August 19. Individuals who wish to contribute can make a donation at

Clinton discusses the work of the Clinton Foundation.